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william holland is an english musician, dj and record producer. he is based in new york city, after spending seven years in colombia. holland records under various pseudonyms, including quantic, the quantic soul orchestra, the limp twins, flowering inferno, and ondatrĂ³pica. his music features elements of cumbia, salsa, bossa nova, soul, funk and jazz.
the first book in the way book series was titled eon. eon was published by tor publishing house in 1984. the plot in eon has been set in the scientific world and portrays the stone, which appears to come from space but not the space that humans know about. quantico logic book series.
quantico is the first book in the quantic logic series by. quantic dreams is a collection of very short science fiction poetry written by sina sanjari. this book takes you to the world where the timetrvellers explore the new dimensions.
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